In addition to life lines and strokes, doodles, threads and fibres people are determined by horizons – by what they want, wish and expect. And it is not only a question of achieving something, but also of how the horizons of expectation codetermine one's present.

My current interests revolve around the reflexive mediation of knowledge. The question remains: How can we learn to learn? As a teacher and instructor I seek to contribute to the autonomy of thought and action. In this sense, my approach is determined by the horizons set by the Enlightenment in the 18th century: The “value-centered” rationality of argument and dialogue cannot be denied.

Affected by the working context of the last years, I have developed a stronger interest in the relationship between ethics, social theory and economy and feel the need to further discuss and specify certain facets thereof. I believe the current social crisis to be related to an absence of ethical reflection. Fundamental debates about the civil virtues, ethical duties, social justice and good life of the community are essential.

I aim to cooperate with institutions looking – regardless of their specific functional orientation – to implement classes in history and ethics. It would truly thrill me to teach contentious topics to help the student develop a reflexive and critical facility as a complement to the oftentimes one-dimensional and instrumental rationality of the specialist.