Over the last ten years my professional experience has led me into many different kinds of areas and projects. After obtaining my PhD in 2003, I moved with my family to Barcelona where I worked initially as a German teacher for employees (for instance, SEAT) and translator. I kept my finger on the pulse of academic life in Germany, participating in different projects, giving lectures and writing publications.[Publications]

Working with the “Medienagentur Geschichte” in Hamburg I was engaged in historical research, investigating the sources for two historical publications. More conceptual experience (visualization of texts) I gained from the multimedia projects (CD ROM) I was engaged in at the Department of Philosophy at the Hagen Distance University. As a fellow of the “European Science Foundation”, I collaborated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona on a project concerning the “Writing of National Histories in Europe”.

From spring 2008 to summer 2012, I worked as a scientific consultant to ProCredit Holding AG (Frankfurt am Main). This company has banks in developing countries and emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin-America. Besides its main activity, making micro and small loans, the enterprise sets great store on the critical and humanistic training of its staff.

As part of my job I was a member of the management team of the Latin American Academy in Managua (Nicaragua) and Bogotá (Colombia), where I taught philosophy, history and communication. Key aspects of the classes included ethics (the Good Life, Ethics and Religion, Ethics and Economy) and modern history (French Revolution and the Enlightenment, Totalitarianism and Genocide, Modern History of Latin America, History of Democracy). [Curriculum Vitae]